Review : Skyroam and a month in Greece

Short and sweet

I don't recommend Skyroam for the following reasons:

  • 500mb high-speed daily data cap; limited to .025 Mbps after you hit your cap. This means very poor screen sharing, video chat, and even voice chat. 
  • Atrocious customer service. I bought a day pass and used 49 Mb of service and called to get a refund because the service was so bad and they said they couldn't provide a refund because I was "too close to my 50Mb limit for a refund" on my day pass. Too close to the limit.
  • Poor connectivity. In places where my TMobile phone would show full bars of LTE, the Skyroam would show a few bars of 3G. My suspicion here is that Skyroam has deals with providers who have less of a presence. I noted that TMobile was always connecting to Cosmote, which is clearly the dominant provider here in Greece, while Skyroam was attempting to connect to Vodafone which is a secondary provider with less coverage.
  • Mobile devices frequently dropping signal or being entirely unable to connect.


If fast connection is a requirement:

On my next trip to another country, I plan to research who the primary service provider is and purchase a 1-month cellular plan with them. I could simply purchase a sim card from the provider and install it in my iPhone (or one of my test devices). For much less money than buying a Skyroam and useless day passes I'd enjoy un-capped LTE internet speeds, unmetered local calling, and text messaging.

If low cost is a requirement:

If you live in the US, I'd recommend T-Mobile for traveling abroad. Unlimited (speed-capped) data service, unlimited texts and 25c per minute calling. Since my Skyroam offered lower quality service for $10 per day, and since good WiFi is hard to come by in Greece. I often found myself using my iPhone as a hotspot to stay connected while working.